Fora Vision
Online workout with individual fitness programs and automated AI-Driven proctoring
Test-course code : FORA
The coach creates a course or selects it from a list of template pieces of training and assigns it to students. After that, students can complete their assigned course in the iOS app or via a computer

As the course progresses, the trainer will have information about the participants' training sessions in his account, and also auto-generated training reports with visualizations are available.
How it works?
How to start training with FORA
Leave a request
Fill out the questionnaire, we will contact you and tell you more about the product and the beginning of work
Construct course
As soon as you gain access to the admin panel, construct a course or choose one of the predefined programs
Invite participants
Share the link to the app and the course code to the students
Follow the results
When students add a course to the app, you can follow their progress on the course page
  • Distance trainings
    Conduct physical education remotely - during covid, for students in correspondence studies or to free up academic hours.

    Students will be able to go through training at a convenient time, and teachers shall only transfer grades from their accounts to the assessment log.
  • Additional homework
    Offer daily 15-minute exercises as physical education homework.

    Pieces of training can be set for every day, with a total duration of up to 50 minutes with 3 lessons per week. The application guarantees the quality and controls the duration of training
  • Preparation for PE exams
    Students with the problem of passing the exams can be assigned special training courses for the appropriate muscle group.

    Regular training sessions will help students improve their physical fitness and prepare them for passing the required PE standard.
From 100 to 200
15$/month per student
Constant technical support
Unlimited number of courses
From 200 to 500 students
12$ /month per student
Constant technical support
Unlimited number of courses
500+ students
10$/month per student
Constant technical support
Unlimited number of courses
Personal CRM platform
Students love us
And teachers as well
Phys-tech Lyceum named after P.L. Kapitsa
M.G. Mashkova - Director of the P.L. Kapitsa Phys-Tech Lyceum
FORA laconically supplemented physical education in our lyceum, making it more interactive and convenient for both students and teachers.

In the first semester, more than 250 students actively trained using the platform. I was pleased with the quality of FORA's work, as well as the responsiveness of the development team. When developing the platform, the age characteristics of students and the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard are taken into account.

We will continue to cooperate!
ITMO University
D. Y. Rusanov - General Manager of SSK "Kronverksky Leopards"
The FORA platform has increased the possibilities of implementing the discipline "Physical Culture and Sport" at ITMO University. With the help of the platform, students studying remotely or through exchange programs in another country have an opportunity in the discipline.

In the fall semester, work with the test group was implemented, and in the spring semester, FORA was integrated into the curriculum and more than 150 students were able to train at a convenient time. During the semester, the development team promptly solved all the problems that arose. When developing the platform, the individual characteristics of the students were also taken into account.

We plan to continue our cooperation even more.
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